Monday Motivator October 5, 2015

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Monday Morning Motivator!
Oct 2015


An inspirational quote to start your week.....

"Essential to the pursuit of happiness is knowing when you've caught it.."
~From the Arlo and Janis Comic Strip

Sometimes we get so caught up in the pursuit, we do not have time to realize just what all we have..Until it's gone. Take time today and really think about about all you have, and enjoy everything you can!
~ Damon O'Donnell


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Why you're receiving this message.... While attending a coaching teleconference it occurred to me that the most important benefit I get and the biggest reason I attend every two weeks, is the inspiration I get from people just like me who are working hard everyday to build a better reality. It also occurred to me that we, "Entrepreneurs", could really use a little inspiration on a regular basis. So I got the "Big Idea" to send to all of you an inspirational quote every week. I hope this is something that helps and inspires you. I won't send junk, just inspirational thoughts. After you read a few, if you decide that you don't want to receive them, just send me an email asking me to remove you from the list. I personally send these messages every week and will not give your email address to anyone else.


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